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About TwoOrMoreGathered
Two or More Gathered is a kinship on the Arkenstone Server of the MMO Lord of the Rings Online. We are a kinship that gives second chances, a kinship that welcome anyone who wants to enjoy the game however they enjoy it the most - whether it be tier 2 challenge raiding, PvMP, or just playing casually with friends. If you feel like you are a good fit for the kinship or want to know more - contact one of our officers who currently are:
Gorarvur (Lord) - Gearing for T2C
Ogmund (Successor/Co-Lord)
Stekbur - T2C strat/raid leader

Any of these officers can help you with any questions about the kinship. Also, here are some of the rules we have set in place which are few, but important.

1. Respect. We demand that everyone not only respect each other in the kinship, but is respectful to those out of the kinship too. If an issue arises, bring it to an officer or me. 

2. Assistance. Although we are always here to help our fellow kinmembers, there is a limit to what we will and can do for your own good.  In terms of items or help, we are here for you, but keep in mind that you aren't constantly begging with offering to give to others too. We help each other, it's not one way here.

3. Crafting. We have decided that everyone must do one of the following as a member in the kinship: either fully master a craft (preferably guilded too if you have VIP) OR you can be someone who gathers mats, like a forestor who gathers ores and wood.

4. spruvo and ONLY spruvo can call Gor Loki. End of story

Have fun and kick butt! 
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